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First staff member of the union at the second session of the 12th on behalf of the conference

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      October 13 afternoon, First the union of two dozen congress in the company meeting room, a total of from workshop, department of 29 union member representatives attend the meeting, the meeting of the company and the trade union chairman Weimin Hu democracy.

      Meeting, trade union members on behalf of the common learning lin'an city JinBei street federation of trade unions file (JinBei [2016] no. 8) general "about Lin'an city JinBei street union congress elected for the second time working notice, collective review and through the company trade union committee of recommended Guoqing Hong, Weimin Hu eight comrades to the second congress JinBei street union on behalf of the candidate's proposal".

      The union members to vote, Guoqing HongWeimin Hu, Mijia Qiu, Fen Zhang, Bihong Huang,Aiping Ke, Lei Zhong seven was elected as the second congress of the union representing JinBei street.